Lauren HoganI started reading about Tiny Homes and the Tiny House Movement in 2012.  Since that time, I have lived in a 34′ 5th wheel trailer and a 30.5′ 5th wheel trailer with two small children in Washington state.  Life plans changed, and I ended up going to school in California, living in a studio at an Extended Stay America for 5 months.  After that I went back to a 850 sq ft apartment, and then a larger home around 1200 sq ft.  I quickly realized that the last two were just too much space for me to take care of and be happy in.

I would love to build a Tiny House on wheels, possibly a Cyprus model from the Tumbleweed plans, or another design created from other plans.  I purchased plans on a Black Friday sale for half off the regular price. You can also find many plans online for free if you are looking to build one yourself.

I’m currently living in the Charlotte, NC area where my ancestors have lived for over 200 years. There are many tiny homes in this area and I hope to interview some locals to see how they live tiny. The housing codes here aren’t exactly clear but you are required to build to a minimum standard at the discretion of your local authorities.

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