Purchased Plans for My Tiny House


After drooling over websites like Tiny House Swoon, and Tiny House Talk, for 6 months, today I finally purchased plans to build my first tiny home. For the past two years, I’ve been reading people’s stories about changing their lives, downsizing, and finally being happy with where they’re at. I had downsized a few times but didn’t think I was financially able to start building a tiny house. Then I saw a video on TV about a man in Texas that owns Tiny Texas Houses. His home designs using salvaged materials made it seem like building a tiny home could really be affordable if you put in a lot of man hours. I’m not quite sure if I will use all salvaged materials but I have purchased a few items from Habitat for Humanity, for a huge discount off retail. I found a tiny home design I feel could really work for my small family but was hesitant to jump in. Today they sent me an e-mail saying everything on their website is 50% off until Dec. 1st so I jumped on it. Full house building plans, with a dvd and everything for $150. Not bad, considering all the other websites are normally $300 and up. So shop around for different plans, check for sales, or check out Tiny House Build,which has a spacious tiny home layout that works well for a family.  Enjoy the video of this full house tour with excellent storage options and two lofts.

Image Credit: Emma-Deslynn on WeHeartIT