Sell Crap, Pay Debt, What Do You Love?

Sell your crap pay your debt do what you love

Some of my crap I got rid of.

Mid afternoon, I opened an e-mail from Ryan at The Tiny Life blog.  It was titled ‘Three Videos That Rocked My World!”.  Although they didn’t quite rock my world, since I’ve been reading about this type of lifestyle, or mindset, they were very thought provoking and too good to not share.  The first one was a Tedx video made in Asheville, NC by Adam Baker called: Sell your crap.  Pay off your debt.  Do what you love.  Adam and his new wife downsized there lives by selling everything they owned and managed to get down to two backpacks worth of possessions.  This included items for their baby which is kind of insane if you know how much supplies children require.  They had 18k in debt they managed to pay off in one year before they headed off to backpack Australia.  He talks about creating memories instead of collecting things, and having more freedom in your life.  Many people write and speak about this, and I’ve become very interested in it over the last year.  He illustrates a picture of how all the people in the world (or maybe just US?) could fit inside of the storage units we have.  Not sure how accurate that one is, since someone would have to know the average circumference of people to see where they would really fit, maybe it was by feet size only.  He also shared a quote that mentioned how we ‘work hard to buy things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like’.  A quick google search came up with Fight Club as saying it and Dave Ramsey but Adam actually quoted another Ted Talks, I believe.  This one reminded me to reflect on my life just a little bit, stop being so chicken, and just start writing for this blog.  It won’t be perfect, fine but I’d like to share a few ideas I have, amazing things that other people have written or spoke of, and maybe inspire you a little.  So here I am, just wanted to share this video for now, later I will share my story of how I am creating freedom in my own life and learning to live with less.